Users may cancel their subscriptions at any time. If a user wishes to cancel their subscription and receive a refund, they must do so within 15 days of signing up for their chosen subscription type and must not have downloaded more than 30 graphics during that time. If a user meets these requirements and cancels their subscription within the 15-day period, any graphics they have downloaded will be removed from their account and will no longer be accessible.

To request a refund for your premium subscription, please send an email from the email address associated with your premium account to the registered address (select: Premium Subscription/Refund/Current Billing). It’s important to note that you can only request a refund for the current billing period; previous subscriptions are not eligible for refunds.

To authorize your refund request, it’s important that you send it from the email address associated with your Freepixel account. Please also consider including the payment ID, as this will help us to accelerate the process.

If you can’t recall the email address linked to your premium account, please provide us with the following details to help us locate your payment:

  • Final four digits of the card used for transaction
  • Card’s expiration date
  • Specific transaction date
  • Pre-payment card error :

If you receive the error message “Your card has been declined” during the payment process, it’s important to contact your bank to verify that your card is authorized for online payments, international transactions (as  Freepixel is  based in India), and recurring payments (as our subscriptions are linked to an automatic renewal cycle).

Once the issue with your card has been resolved, you can try the payment again. Alternatively, you may choose to use another card.

  • Transaction declined even though payment was completed :

After completing the payment process, the system will take a few minutes to communicate with your bank to authenticate the charge. If there are any concerns, the payment will be declined and an email will be sent to you informing you of the outcome. It is important to note that Freepixel does not reject or decline payments, as the decision lies only with your bank, which may decline the charge.

If a payment attempt fails, the system will make three additional attempts roughly 24 hours apart. As this is an automated process, manual retries are not possible. In this case, it is recommended that you contact your bank to rectify the situation and authorize the payment.

If all attempts to complete the subscription process are unsuccessful, the subscription request will automatically be cancelled. At this point, you will need to purchase a new premium plan.

Payments can be made with credit and debit cards. However, they must be authorized for online transactions. It’s important to remember that Freepixel Company is based in India and our plans automatically renew, so international and recurring payments must be permitted.

Currently, we have only one payment option available on Freepixel, but we will add more payment methods in near future.