By creating a free account or using an unregistered guest user account, Freepixel allows users to use certain graphics free of charge. Please note that this only applies to graphics that are not marked as “Premium”. However, the use of these free graphics is subject to the terms and conditions described in this section.

To easily access our complimentary graphics, filter your search results by selecting “Free” under the “Filters” tab located on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Please note that this content is provided at no cost.

It is important to note that if you download our free images as a Free User, you must properly attribute them to Freepixel. This includes the addition of the attribution line “Designed by Freepixel” in a clear and visible manner on any printed products or digital images that are created. In addition, a link to our website at should be included on the website where the Freepixel images are used. This link can be placed next to the image or, if this is not possible, in the footer of the website.

Premium resources are available only to Premium users and can be accessed by purchasing a Premium subscription through Freepixel.

Below are the many benefits of being a Freepixel Premium user:

  • Full access to all resources provided on the Freepixel website, including both free and premium assets of various types such as vectors, PSD files, PNG, 3D, templates and icons.

  • The daily download limit has been increased to 100 resources per day (including all image types) for Freepixel users, while the limit for icons has been increased to 2000 per day (24hrs).

  • The use of Freepixel resources does not require attribution.

  • You will not be exposed to advertisements while navigating the site.

  • When you submit a request ticket, our team will provide priority support.

  • All you need to do is purchase one of our premium subscriptions to gain access to the Premium Membership.

On our website,, you will find the download limits for each user level listed below:

Non-registered user:

It is important to note that individuals who have not registered on are authorized to download 5 images or graphics and 3 icons per day. (Note: images and icons marked as premium won’t be downloaded.)

Registered free user:

Registered free users are limited to download 10 images and 5 icons per day.(Note: images and icons marked as premium won’t be downloaded.)

To exceed this limit, you must purchase a Premium subscription.

Basic user:

As a Basic user, you have a limit of :

  • 2000 Premium Vectors +1000 Icons downloads per month (Digital Use Only).
  • Electronic Impressions (unlimited)
  • Printing Materials (not included)
  • For Personal/Commercial Use
  • Not to be Used for Products in Resale
  • Adding Attribution is Optional

Standard user:

As a Standard user, you have a limit of :

  • 3000 Premium Vectors +2000 Icons +50 Adobe Templates
  • Digital Use Only
  • Electronic Impressions (unlimited)
  • Printing Materials (not included)
  • Personal/Commercial Use
  • Not to be Used for Products in Resale
  • Attribution Optional

Business user:

As a Business user, you have a limit of :

  • 3000 Premium Vectors +2000 Icons +100 Adobe Templates
  • Extended License
  • All Media Usages
  • Electronic Impressions (unlimited)
  • Printing Materials (unlimited)
  • Personal/Commercial Use
  • Products for Resale
  • Attribution Not Required

If you have subscribed to Freepixel’s Standard User Plan, a PDF license document will be made available for download with each image downloaded from .

After obtaining these licenses, you may use Freepixel’s resources without providing credit to Freepixel. These licenses remain valid even after your Premium subscription has expired.

It is important that you download and save these documents to your computer or external drive and retain them for future reference to ensure proper use of our resources.

It is necessary to note that licenses can only be downloaded while you have a Premium Membership and will not be available to download  after your Premium Membership expires.

The Business User Premium Plan is the only way to purchase an extended license from Freepixel. Purchasing the Freepixel PDF Premium Extended License allows you to use our resources without giving credit to the author, and the license remains valid even after your Premium membership expires.

It is essential that you download the license PDF files while your subscription is active and keep them in a safe place. They will not be available for download after your subscription expires.

Once you have purchased a subscription to Freepixel, there are several ways to obtain the PDF licenses for the resources you have downloaded.

The system will give you the option to download the PDF license document directly from our website once you have downloaded the resource from Freepixel.

Design Requests are a core feature of the Freepixel Subscription that allows users to request a design that they either can’t find in the Freepixel Library or that they would like to see created for them by the Freepixel Design Team under certain conditions. Freepixel has the right to reject a design request at any time if it doesn’t consider it appropriate or useful for the site.

Subscribers may cancel their subscription plans at any time. If a subscriber downloads less than 30 graphics within the first 15 days of purchasing a new plan, they are entitled to a full refund of the amount paid for the plan.

First, Premium users have access to all resources available on the site, including both free and premium assets such as
vectors, PSD files, PNG, 3D models, templates and icons. In addition, Premium users enjoy a download limit of 100 resources
per day (including any type of image) on Freepixel ,2000 icons and 50 adobe templates.

Another significant benefit of the premium subscription is that no attribution is required when using Freepixel resources.
This means that Premium users can use images without having to cite the source. In addition, Premium users don’t see any
ads while browsing the site, providing a more streamlined and efficient experience. Finally, premium users receive priority
support from the Freepixel team when submitting requests or tickets.

Overall, while free images are widely available online, the premium subscription offered by Freepixel provides a number of
unique benefits that can be valuable to users who require high-quality images and resources without the need for attribution and interruptions from ads.

If you cancel your subscription, the rights to use the graphics and tools for merchandising purposes will expire.

According to Freepixel’s license terms, the license you receive when you download its resources, such as images, vectors, icons and templates, is non-exclusive.
This means that other users may also use the same resource for their own projects, even if they have not purchased a license or subscription from Freepixel.

The non-exclusive license granted by Freepixel allows users to use its resources for a variety of projects, including personal, educational and commercial purposes.
However, the resources may not be resold or distributed on their own or as part of a collection without the express permission of Freepixel.

It’s important to carefully review the license terms and restrictions for each resource before using it to ensure that you are in compliance with Freepixel’s policies.